Our Tropical Tiki Boats offer 2 hour BYOB cruises up & down the Cuyahoga River and Inner Harbor!

CLE Tiki Barge Boat

CLE Tiki Barge now has 4 boats
for 4 times the fun this summer

Join us aboard the Original Tiki, Big Kahuna, Tipsy Tiki, or the new Extra Large Barge to experience the The Flats and breathtaking views of the City from the water on this one of a kind party boat! Our tiki-style boats have a thatched tiki roof,  comfortable cushioned bench seating, standing room high top tables, and BYOB bar, all arranged on our plush, turf deck. Whether people want to come aboard to celebrate special occasions or rent out our entire boat for a private event, we expect good music, fun times, with drinks in hand on the most tropical experience Cleveland has to offer. Each 2-hour cruise, up to 49 guests, will include: ice, coolers, Bluetooth sound system, bathroom on board, designated driver (aka captain), first mate, & tropical boat to party on!

CLE Tiki Barge will provide Cleveland with its own little slice of paradise right on the River! Celebrate a special occasion island style and reserve the entire Tiki Barge. Perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette & bachelor parties, corporate events and much more!

Tipsy tiki

12-person capacity (NO EXCEPTIONS). The Tipsy Tiki sails only within the Cuyahoga River. There is bench seating & bar stools arranged around a repurposed surfboard table. The Tiki roof only covers ¾ of the boat leaving a “sun deck” area for grabbing the perfect photo opp of CLE! Bathroom on board and 2 hours of cruising. 

*The Tipsy Tiki is best suited for ages 13+ (children 12 & under may ride on the Original Tiki or Big Kahuna).

  • SMALL GROUP (UP TO 10 GUESTS) -PRIVATE “Tipsy Tiki” Cruise is for parties up to 10 people and starts at $450/entire boat rental


  • 12-PACK (UP TO 12 GUESTS max- NO exceptions)  PRIVATE “Tipsy Tiki” Cruise is for parties up to 12 people and starts at $540/entire boat rental

The New Boat

The New Boat

Welcome to the upcoming newest addition to the Tiki Barge Fleet!! While the vessel is still under construction, we expect its arrival in early June and have opened its booking availability starting June 20th! This 30ft tiki barge will be offering private cruises at 12, 15, and 18-person capacities. The new boat will sail both the Cuyahoga River and within the Inner Harbor (weather dependent). There will be bench seating and a standing-room area arranged under a thatched tiki roof. The Tiki roof will cover ¾ of the boat leaving a “sun deck” area in the front perfect for catching some rays and grabbing the perfect photo opp of CLE! Bathroom on board.

  • 12 PACK (Up to 12 guests) – Private “New Boat” Cruise starts at $540/entire boat rental

  • 15 PACK (Up to 15 guests) – Private “New Boat” Cruise starts at $675/entire boat rental

  • 18 PACK (Up to 18 guests) – Private “New Boat” Cruise starts at $720/entire boat rental


Untitled design 42

20-person capacity. The Original Tiki sails both the Cuyahoga River and within the Inner Harbor (weather dependent). There is bench seating and a standing room area arranged under a thatched tiki roof that extends over the entire boat. Bathroom on board and 2 hours of cruising!

  • MEDIUM Group (Up to 15 guests)- Private “Original Tiki” Cruise starts at $675/entire boat rental


  • LARGE Group (16-20 guests)- Private “Original Tiki” Cruise starts at $800/entire boat rental 


30-person capacity. The Big Kahuna sails both the Cuyahoga River and within the Inner Harbor (weather dependent). There is bench seating and a standing room area arranged under a thatched tiki roof. The Tiki roof only covers ¾ of the boat leaving a “sun deck” area for grabbing the perfect photo opp of CLE! Bathroom on board and 2 hours of cruising.

  • LARGE Group (up to 20 guests)- Private “Big Kahuna” Cruise starts at $800/entire boat rental
  • EXTRA LARGE Group (21 to 30 guests)- Private “Big Kahuna” Cruise starts at $1200/entire boat rental

The Extra LARGE Barge

CLE Tiki Barge

The newest vessel to our fleet! Offering both Private & Shared Cruises! 49-person capacity. The Extra Large Barge sails both the Cuyahoga River and within the Inner Harbor (weather dependent). There is bench seating, bar stools, and a standing room area arranged under a thatched tiki roof. The Tiki roof only covers ¾ of the boat leaving a “sun deck” area for grabbing the perfect photo opp of CLE! Bathroom on board.


2 hour cruises, Single Seats & Private Party options available.

PRIVATE CRUISE base pricing options:

up to 39 people $1560
40 to 49 people $1960

SHARED/PUBLIC CRUISE base pricing options:


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Gift Card

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Booking is easy! Head to, click the Book Now button & follow these simple steps:

  • Select your boat & group size
  • Check the calendar for availability
  • Pick your date/time
  • Enter # of adults/children in your party
  • Enter your contact info
  • Select yes/no for Trip Flex
  • Select pre-paid gratuity amount
  • Enter billing info
  • Check your email for booking confirmation & electronic waiver link!

Each 2-hour cruise will include:

  • Ice & coolers to keep your beverages cold
  • Cups, bottle/wine openers, paper towels, and misc. barware for use
  • Bathroom on board (TP and hand sanitizer)
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • All required USCG safety equipment
  • A keepsake photo of your group with the best skyline views of Cleveland (just ask your Mate!)
  • Designated Driver (aka USCG Master Captain)
  • First Mate (aka photographer & Tiki entertainer)
  • Setup & Clean-up
  • Tropical boat to party on!

*Please note, cruise pricing may vary due to holidays or events*

Yes, each passenger must sign a waiver prior to boarding. Once you book your cruise, an email will be sent to you containing a link to complete your waiver ELECTRONICALLY. If you are booking for a group, the organizer (or person who booked) will need to forward the waiver link to each person in the group via text or email so they can complete it. 

Please make sure all guests have completed their electronic waiver prior to arrival to prevent any delays in your cruise time! ALL check boxes & fields must be filled out including First AND Last name for the waiver to go through successfully. 

Paper waivers are NOT available or accepted. Returning customers must sign a new waiver each time you cruise with us.

All passengers board at the docks located at: 1180 Main Ave, Cleveland Ohio 44113. Parking is available in the Christie’s parking lot. Look for the Green CLE Tiki Barge flags and boarding signs to your left as you pull in the parking lot – we are docked behind this gate. Please wait at the gate until a crew member checks you in. DO NOT proceed down the stairs prior to check-in. 

  • The docks are located to the west of the parking lot
  • Please meet at the Pick-up Location at least 15 minutes prior to boarding
  • Parking fees may vary day by day depending on the parking attendant/event taking place at the time. CLE Tiki Barge doesn’t have control over parking fees as they are controlled by a third-party parking service.
  • Please note, there are many events that take place downtown including concerts next door at Jacob’s Pavilion, street festivals, and sporting events that may affect traffic and parking.
  • Please plan accordingly on the day of your cruise.

Yes, there is parking available in the Christie’s parking lot where our docks are located. As you pull in, park on the left side of the parking lot near our green flags so you don’t have to lug your food & beverages too far!  

Parking fees will vary by day depending on the event taking place at the time.  CLE Tiki Barge does not have any control over the parking lot, or any fees associated with parking there, as it is controlled by a third-party parking service.  On most days, parking starts at $10.60 via credit card only.

Trip Flex must be purchased at the time of checkout to change, modify, or cancel a reservation up to 14 days prior to scheduled departure (any cancellations made within the allotted timeframe, will be issued a refund less the trip flex amount). This includes date/time changes and increase/decrease in party size. After 14 days, only store credits will be issued. (This will allow us time to fill your slot if you decide to cancel your reservation).

Without Trip Flex, reservations are non-refundable & modifications cannot be made. Only store credits will be issued for cancellations. 

There are absolutely no refunds or store credits for behavior-related cancellations or no-shows.

No, we are a smoke & drug free vessel so smoking of any kind is prohibited.  Cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs and marijuana are all prohibited. 

In accordance with USCG law, any illegal substances brought aboard any of our vessels or consumed on our vessel must be reported to the Coast Guard and local authority as it is a federal offense to have illegal substances on a commercial vessel.

The crew reserves the right to return to dock without refund if this rule isn’t followed.  

Of course!  We think everyone should be able to enjoy Cleveland from the water.  Passengers under the age of 21 are allowed on private cruises.  Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while on board.  Passengers under 21 still count toward the maximum capacity allowed on each vessel.  Please call us to indicate how many children will be in your party so that we have the correct number of children’s PFDs (life jackets) available.  

Children 12 & under may only ride on Original Tiki, Big Kahuna, & XL Barge PRIVATE CRUISES. 

Underage consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.  Proper Identification is required during check-in. 

Rain or Shine its Tiki Time! There is a thatched tiki roof that covers most of the boat deck.  A weather cancellation can only be determined by CLE Tiki Barge.

Severe weather-related cancellations will be determined on the day of the scheduled tour (just like a baseball game). If it is raining, the tour will still go on as scheduled. If the weather is severe, CLE Tiki Barge will contact you within 2 hours of your tour. A rain check will be issued for you to book a future cruise at your convenience. Rain checks do not expire. 

Just as limo services, restaurants, and numerous venues include gratuity for groups, our staff is highly trained to ensure the safety of up to 49 passengers at a time! 

In addition to keeping our guests safe, our team is responsible for maintaining the highest standards in various aspects of your experience. This includes setup & clean-up, cleanliness of the boat, ensuring proper supplies are on board, taking the perfect group photos, and providing a great experience specific to your occasion!

Yes! Each of our tiki barges have a bathroom on board with TP and hand sanitizer.

Flushing anything other than #1 and the TP provided is strictly PROHIBITED. This includes feminine products (tampons), trash, disposable wipes and anything in between!! These items MUST be placed in the wastebasket provided. A $100 fine will be incurred due to damages caused from PROHIBITED items being flushed down the toilet! 

Keep in mind, this is a boat bathroom with a small holding tank. Due to the capacity, we ask that you be respectful of our crew & customers boarding after you by holding off on #2’s. They shouldn’t have to smell your poo! 

Food is not provided; however, you are welcome to bring it on board. Please be sure to bring plates & utensils as we do not provide those items. 

While bringing food & snacks are encouraged, you should be aware that a boat is a free-floating vessel that is affected by waves, wind, and other boat traffic. The bigger the spread you bring, the less likely we’ll be able to cruise the inner harbor, especially on weekends. Since heavy boat traffic creates waves, we do not want to see your food end up on the floor!

Please note, Tipsy Tiki, Original Tiki, & Big Kahuna do NOT have outlets for crock pots, warmers, or anything requiring a power cord. 

Feel free to reach out to us for food suggestions and/or local delivery options.

Yes, the Tiki Barges are BYOB. We have coolers on board filled with ice to keep your favorite beverages cold. We also have cups, bottle openers, wine openers, & miscellaneous barware available for your use. The boats do not have outlets for blenders or anything requiring a power cord.

GLASS is prohibited as a safety precaution. Beverages in glass bottles (wine, alcohol, mixers, etc) MUST be poured into a plastic cup while on the boat.

You may bring any drinks that you want (in moderation). However, shots are prohibited as is excessive intoxication.

Arriving intoxicated is prohibited and the crew reserves the right to deny entry to the vessel. If a passenger becomes disorderly while onboard, the crew will return the boat to the dock and the passenger will be removed without refund.

Heck ya!  We love decorations and themed parties, however, due to the tight schedule between trips, we suggest easy to hang items like banners or table toppers to set up on the bar. Keep in mind, the captain needs to be able to see so items cannot obstruct their vision.

The crew is able to assist with decorations after checking you in, but cannot allow you to start decorating until the prior group has departed the boat and the staff has cleaned. 

We now offer specialty packages that can be pre-purchased and ready to go for your crew upon arrival!

Please call/text us for package options & details!

No! We have a Split Payment option that allows you to book your date & time with $100 down (at least 45 days in advance). The remaining balance can then be split evenly between your group. Here’s how it works:

  • You must select the number of guests
  • Pick a date & time (at least 45 days in advance)
  • Enter your contact info
  • Select trip flex and gratuity amount and continue to next screen
  • Here, you will select the “Split Payment” option
  • Enter credit card details, agree to terms & conditions, and Confirm Booking (A $100 security deposit will be charged within 24 hours)
  • You will then receive a link via email that you can share with each member of your group, so each person can make a payment.


*Please note that the $100 security deposit is non-refundable unless trip flex is purchased & trip flex terms will then apply.  

All payments are due 45 days before your trip. If there is an unpaid balance due at this time, the card used to book the trip will be charged at that time. If there are any billing issues with the remaining balance, the trip will be canceled and a store credit will be issued.

No. While each Cleveland Tiki Boat has their own capacity limit, the maximum capacity of each boat does not mean that it will have the same number of seats available on the boat.

Example: The Big Kahuna has a capacity for 30 people on board; however, there are NOT 30 total seats. Capacity includes both seating AND standing room to accommodate all 30 people.

The Cuyahoga River is home to all kinds of traffic, including freighters! If we are on the river when a freighter comes through, the trip may be delayed until the freighter passes (The freighter may request that we pull off to the side until they are able to pass). We try to plan ahead but delays due to freighters and lift bridges are beyond our control. If we are late or encounter freight traffic during your cruise, we do our best to make up for any lost time after we can safely proceed on our route, however, it is not guaranteed.

We try our best to work with lift bridge operators when scheduling our trips. However, train & vehicle traffic can occasionally result in your boat waiting for longer periods of time on one side of the bridge until the bridge is able to be lifted for us to proceed on our route. Unfortunately, we have no control over the traffic patterns, vehicles crossing the bridges, or operation of the bridges themselves.

There are many factors that determine if we can safely cruise the Inner Harbor.  These factors can include inclement weather, boat traffic, lift bridge issues, even group preferences.  The captain takes all considerations in as a whole to determine the best route for each party.  

Please feel free to request which route you’d like to take prior to departing so that the Captain can plan accordingly.  ** The Tipsy Tiki only cruises the Cuyahoga River ** 

We do our best to accommodate those with wheelchairs. If the person can be carried down the set of stairs leading to the boat docks and onto our boat, then the chair can be unfolded once on the boat, and the person can sit in their chair for the duration of the trip.

  • Your safety is our top priority, and to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience, we kindly ask our guests to adhere to the weight limit set by the Coast Guard regulations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!  
  • Here are the following weight restrictions per vessel based on the Assumed Average Weight per Person, (AAWPP) of 185 lbs per person.
  • Tiny Tiki (Tiki Barge III) 2775 lbs 
  • Original Tiki (Tiki Barge I) 6845 lbs 
  • Big Kahuna (Tiki Barge II) 8140 lbs
  • Extra Large Barge (Tiki Barge IV) 9629 lbs 

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